Diabolical Dr Diggler
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Diabolical Dr. Diggler
(in progress)

Professor Diggler is doing something sinister and fiendish to Bryan’s female classmates, to his female professors, and even … to his Mom.


Chapters 1 and 2 of Dr Diggler ‐ which are also levels 1 and 2 ‐ are packaged in a single game, currently at version 0.6, available online here and downloadable here.

Chapter 3 is packaged as a separate game, currently at version 0.3, available online here and downloadable here.

Note about Online/Download versions: Depending on your internet connection, you may enjoy the online versions above. If the pictures are too slow coming up, then download the downloadable version, unzip it in some folder, then open the .html file there in your browser.

Text Story

The text story of the same title is loosely based on the game/iStory versions.

Prologue and Chapter 1 are available here.