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Villain, and Dollars and Sins Previews

Wed 2 Mar 2016

The gentleman above is the character I'm toying with for the villain of Attitude Rectification -- as promised.

We're almost upon the time I said I'd have Dollars and Sins Preview 3 ready for you guys -- and I will have it up in a couple days. (Like Preview 2, it'll be a "Thank you!" for full/$10+ patrons, and I'll email you all the link.)

The trouble is, there's still a little more story that wants to be told for it. We're up a bit past 100 images, but there was still about another third-again-as-much plot that I wanted to fit in. I got it to a good breaking point for this release, but that remaining bit of plot is complaining that it wants to be told too.

I had been figuring to finish Preview 3 about now, then start back on Dr. Diggler, so I can have at least one project over halfway completed. (Heavy Petting will be huge, so I can put work toward it, but the percentage complete will still remain low. Plus, I think about 2/3 of you guys like Dr. Diggler slightly better than Heavy Petting -- at least until I get more Heavy Petting written. Then I'll have your interest hooked for that tale too! :)

So here's what I'm thinking to do. I'm going to finish that extra bit of plot for Dollars and Sins, and call it Preview 4. I'll aim to have it ready late this month or early next month. It'll be the third such preview for full patrons only (you guys are making out like bandits!), but I'll get back to freely available work after that, very likely with Dr. Diggler. Maybe I can finish up the 3rd level (out of 4 planned) and be 75% done!

That's the plan I'm looking at at the moment. I'll let you all know in a couple days when Preview 3 is up and available.

Live well, Fugue

<echoing> The survey ... survey ... survey ...

Fri 11 Mar 2016

Well, we have enough creations going now (between Dr. Diggler, Heavy Petting, Dollars and Sins, etc) that I'd like to collect your opinions on story/content/format/etc. I've been doing this all along, but informally, as we chat in emails. Now it's time for ... the survey ... for our little group.

I looked at a couple survey/questionnaire sites on the web, but wasn't entirely happy with any of them (admittedly, I only spent about two hours; and I really wanted to use "voting-dollars" kinds of questions, where you split 100 "voting dollars" among available choices, and that way you can express if you really really like one, or just kinda like them all, etc). So anyway, I just created my own survey this time. It's here: It's 6 questions, and when you click Submit at the bottom, it emails the results (if you use webmail, just copy and paste the results to your webmail page to send to [email protected]). I'll use the responses to steer where effort goes for our stories here.

On a different topic, it sounds like Akabur is winding up towards a release for Princess Trainer Gold Edition. It's in testing now, but should be coming soon-ish. And Latissa, Xaljio and DAHR have made early releases/demos available for Libary Story and Iris Quest. Lots of stuff to look forward to! (Click here for links to these guys if you haven't had a chance to sample their work yet, They're all pretty awesome, as are the other artists/writers on that page -- I consider these guys to be the heroes of erotica.)

(Hey, "Heroes of Erotica" -- sorta like an x-rated version of "Legends of Tomorrow"? Could work ... Who gets to be Snart?)

Oh yeah, the attached image? It's a one-off I put together this morning for you guys. Some of you have been enjoying the little dance of conflict and cheekiness between Professor Gatsby and our hero Bryan. Will she eventually surrender to him? And become his bitch? Or will she cut off his hand at the wrist for trying to touch teacher boobies? Either way, we'll be seeing quite a bit more of her in Dr. Diggler. Stay tuned ...


Gallery 2

Tue 22 Mar 2016

Thanks everyone that voted in the survey, and for your comments. Anyone else that wants to, please vote at

A reader over at Literotica suggested getting Madolyn from Dollars and Sins knocked up. That doesn't really work into the storyline very well. However, we can still imagine what she and Trish from Dr. Diggler might look like if they WERE to get pregnant ...

See the eight images (warning: all pregnant) in Gallery 2 at