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Nov 2018
    Heavy Petting 5-11
    Heavy Petting 5-12
    Heavy Petting 5-13
    Heavy Petting 5-14
    Heavy Petting 5-15
    Heavy Petting 5-16
    Heavy Petting 5-17
    Heavy Petting 5-18
    News Nov 19
    1950s Ready-to-Launch Breasts
    Heavy Petting 5-19
    BrainStormers 1-01
    News Nov 26
    Symposium 1-01
    Symposium 1-02
    Switch to WordPress-Based Blog

Oct 2018
    Heavy Petting issue 5
    Heavy Petting 5-02
    Heavy Petting 5-03
    Heavy Petting 5-04
    Heavy Petting 5-05
    Heavy Petting 5-06
    Heavy Petting 5-07
    Heavy Petting 5-08
    Heavy Petting 5-09
    Theresa Simpson game available again
    Heavy Petting 5-10

Sep 2018
    Short Comic from Upcoming Aftermarket Game
    Two More Heavy Petting, and Favorite Comic Format?

Aug 2018
    Taking Stock 1, and German Translation
    Drawing thin chains in GIMP, and updating Patreon overview page
    Simplified Pledge Levels, and Ganesha
    German translation of Dr Diggler!
    Two Printable Comics Issues for Heavy Petting

Jul 2018
    Updated website, and cumulative creative works
    Working on Next Part of Dr Diggler chapter 3

Jun 2018
    That Commander Awesome sure has a way with audiences ...
    Dr Diggler chapter 3 new release available!
    Final installment of Loyalty Rewards

May 2018
    Honorary Big Sisters -- Pushier Than the Real Thing!
    Sammy's Annoying Big Sister and Sweet Mom`

Apr 2018
    The Easter Egg Grows ...
    Loyalty Bonus 1st Installment
    Just a Quick Extra Treat

Mar 2018
    Bonuses for loyal patrons, and upcoming works
    Planning Easter Egg for Next Release of Dr Diggler Chapter 3

Feb 2018
    Hey, I saw her at the MC Symposium!

Jan 2018
    Patron version and plot maps
    Continuing Dr Diggler

Dec 2017
    Working on Dr Diggler ch. 3
    Teresa Diaz, Renegading Nun
    Happy Holidays!
    A Late Christmas Gift!

Nov 2017
    Wider Release Wednesday
    Meet the Cast (plus, the next release)
    A Couple Changes
    Working Game Plotline from Small to Big than Vice Versa

Oct 2017
    Wider Release Sunday
    First October Release in “The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson”
    Second October Release in “The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson”
    `"Happy Halloween:

Sep 2017
    Wider Release Friday
    First September Release in “The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson”
    Casting Call
    Second September Release in “The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson”
    And Lisa looks like ...

Aug 2017
    First August Release in “The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson”
    Second August Release in “The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson”
    Third August Release in “The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson”
    Fourth August Release in “The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson”

Jul 2017
    More Dr. Diggler Peek 2, nearing the end
    Middle Draft, and the Next Installment of The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson
    Rest of Dr. Diggler Peek 2
    Next Release in “The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson”

Jun 2017
    Dr. Diggler Peek 2 updated, and 2 more topics
    Bonus Posting
    You guys are getting 2x and 4x the rewards!
    Keeping up the prolific period!

May 2017
    Third and Final Part of Dr. Diggler Peek 1
    Preview Image, and Quick-Choppy Game vs Graphic-Novel-ish Game
    Graphic novel vs many-branched styles, and Oomp
    More previews from next weekend's Peek 2a
    Dr. Diggler Peek 2a (free) and 2b (patrons) released

Apr 2017
    Dr. Diggler Peek 1a
    Dr. Diggler Peek 1b
    Another Peek Image from 'Trish Models the Choker'

Mar 2017
    You remember Howard, right? Your husband?
    The Choker

Feb 2017
    (Deadline Crunch this Month)

Jan 2017
    Trish's Younger Sister Elaine
    Sister Teresa, and a slow February

Dec 2016
    Hodge Podge
    A Preview Image for the Holidays
    Trish's Older Sister Selena

Nov 2016
    Dr. Diggler Released for Free
    Been feeling ill, but getting better now ...
    Walkthrough for Diabolical Dr. Diggler, ver. 0.6

Oct 2016
    Errand spoilers, and one more hotfix
    Two Posts in One Day?
    News on the Dr. Diggler Front

Sep 2016
    That Camera Flash
    Diabolical Dr. Diggler ver. 0.6 released

Aug 2016
    Behind the Curtain 5
    Minor Spoiler 1
    Behind the Curtain 6
    Quick Dr. Diggler Peek

Jul 2016
    Behind the Curtain 1
    Behind the Curtain 2
    Behind the Curtain 3
    Behind the Curtain 4

Jun 2016
    That New Game by Fugue 9
    No post this week yet?!
    That New Game by Fugue 10
    That New Game by Fugue 11
    That New Game by Fugue 12: What Crotch-Grinding?
    I'll be asking for 'Battle of Wills' opinions later

May 2016
    That New Game by Fugue 1
    That New Game by Fugue 2
    That New Game by Fugue 3
    Test Sketches for Gabby
    That New Game by Fugue 4
    That New Game by Fugue 5
    That New Game by Fugue 6
    That New Game by Fugue 7
    That New Game by Fugue 8

Apr 2016
    Just a Note of Progress
    Springtime in the northern hemisphere
    My puny artists arms?!
    Satyria 1
    Sister Angela 1
    Satyria 2
    Sister Angela 2
    Satyria 3
    Sister Angela 3
    Satyria 4
    Sister Angela 4
    Sister Angela 4b
    Dollars and Sins Preview 4 Released
    Sister Angela 5
    Sister Angela 6

Mar 2016
    Villain, and Dollars and Sins Previews
    <echoing> The survey ... survey ... survey ...
    Gallery 2

Feb 2016
    Study Sketches
    Another Character Audition, and Trying a Better Home
    Multiple iStories and updates
    Two Attitude Rectification heroine images

Jan 2016
    Dollars and Sins Previews
    Weekend Peek
    Dollars and Sins, Preview part 1
    Dollars and Sins, plain-text chap. 1 (and Preview 2)

Dec 2015
    A Really Motivating Group
    Dr. Diggler, preview 3, public release
    A Quick Update
    Dr. Diggler ver. 0.4 available
    Android and Kindle
    Hints and Spoilers, Dr. Diggler, ver. 0.4