Blog, Sep 2016

That Camera Flash

Sat 3 Sep 2016

Whew, I got my blog entries back and the links working right now. I never did get my HTML editor (or page files) fixed despite several attempts -- just finally wound up working around it. But it all seems to be working now.

I owe you guys a screenshot or two involving the camera Bryan gets his hands on. The screenshot above is from the first, skimpy bikini, modeling session. The other screenshot below is from the second, naughty teddy, modeling session.

I'm finally getting around to doing a graphic Status page for this release, so you can look there to see how horny Patricia is, or how ready for the exam that Bryan is. So I'm going to keep this post brief, because I still have a lot of work to do (including quite a number of images for that Status page) before the release later this month.

Live well!

Diabolical Dr. Diggler ver. 0.6 released

Wed 21 Sep 2016

Whew! Version 0.6 of Dr. Diggler is now released. It's initially available to 5$ and above Patreon patrons as a huge THANK YOU! for their support -- you guys rock!

In a little over a month, around Nov 1, I'll turn around and release it to everyone for free.

It has over double the pages and nearly double the images as version 0.4. Level 2 is about 85% complete with this release. You can get Patricia to model outfits for you now (with the help of a niftly little camera Dr. Diggler gave you out of the kindness of his heart). You can wear Patricia down by barging into the bathroom and get her used to you seeing her with fewer and fewer clothes. Bryan starts to learn how to put together winning "game cards" to override the females that treat him flippantly (more of this in the next release). What else? Dr. Diggler makes Patricia some of his "special" hot cocoa. You get to see Dr. Diggler do one of his infamous make-overs on the goth girl that Bryan tutors.

Oh, and there's a second easter egg that reveals an interesting twist, and lets us see Patricia do something she said she would never ever do ...

<Grin> My drawing hand is tired. My brain is tired. The writing part of my brain is tired. I'm just gonna sit here and stare off into space for a while ...

Aaaaactually, I'll be editing a couple chapters of the text version of Dr. Diggler, to release to EMCSA soon (I have 10,000 words of about 18,000 written at this point). I also owe you guys the collected episodes of That New Game by Fugue. Then there's a little game experiment I'm wanting to try, as well as pushing ahead with Dr. Diggler on to level 3 toward the next release.

(Teaser: for level 2, Dr. Diggler "advised" Patricia to become more submissive; and Bryan to become more assertive. Boy, did they follow his advice! For level 3, he advises her to be fascinated by Bryan's erection; and advises Bryan to mark all the women he knows with semen, both inside and out ...)

I hope you all find this release fun, either now or come Nov 1!

Live well,