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Hodge Podge

Wed 7 Dec 2016

Hi all!

Getting back to normal! Over the stomach flu, and got through the current crunch-time at my mundane job (there will be another crunch in January and another big one in February ...). Making progress on the Dr. Diggler sequences.

I finished the sequence where Trish calls her older sister Selena to come help provide some strength of will to resist succumbing. Most of her story will be in level 3, but level 2 now has it properly set up (so that I don't just bring the aunts in out of the blue). Now I'm working on the sequence where Trish calls her younger sister Elaine for help too. This one is getting lengthy, so I'm going to have to split it into two sequences. It sure is fun to write and illustrate, though :)

On the minus side, I'm having fewer preview images that I can post for you all -- they're getting a little too naughty to post.

On the plus side, I'm jotting down paragraphs to add to the walkthrough when I release the new version, and that seems to be working well. It ought to be able to show you guys in detail where the new content is for new versions.

The gentleman doing the Russian translation is still working on it -- touched base with him the other day. I haven't heard from the gentlemen doing the German and French translations for a little while -- I may need to check with them soon.

Someone asked about Heavy Petting the other day. I've been focusing my time and energy on Dr. Diggler lately, but will be coming back to Heavy Petting (plus another, more dynamic, game that I've been batting around in my head -- more about that in a future post). The later chapters of Heavy Petting will be too much fun to not come back and finish them :)

What I may do after the next release of Dr. Diggler is out, though, is to take 3-4 weeks and put together another preview (an interactive story, but linear plot) for Heavy Petting. If Kevin were to get pulled over for speeding, and he can't really afford another ticket, he MIGHT be desperate enough to try to titty-trance the female cop that pulled him over. And then, well ... she IS just too hot to not also ... well ...

I'll probably make that a Thank You! for patrons, and release one of the other patrons-only previews (for Dollars and Sins) for free to everyone when I do that.

Also, someone asked about additional chapters for the text version of Dr. Diggler the other day. It will be a little while longer for those, I'm afraid. Sorry I don't have better news than that. I do have 11,000 words written (for non-authors, that's quite a bit, about 3-4 normal story/chapter-sized postings). The trouble is I am not happy with them yet. They don't have a "spark" yet, and I try to work my stories until they catch a "spark". So right now I'm letting them "age" in my subconscious and will try another pass at them sometime soon. In the meantime -- I'm sorry, but you wouldn't be happy with the current draft either, and I don't want to post it just to post it. That would be cheating folks expecting a good story. I'll keep working it until a spark catches, though! It'll just take a bit longer ...

This is quite the hodge-podge of a post, isn't it? Hitting lots of little topics that have come up.

Happy upcoming holidays to everyone! Fugue

A Preview Image for the Holidays

Wed 21 Dec 2016

I'm sitting here, wishing I could be Santa with a new release for Christmas :) But it's more likely to be late February (subject to how much free time I have, versus how needy and demanding my mundane job gets).

What I CAN do, though is give a peek of where we're going. (Ha, it's getting a little harder to pick images I can preview to you, since fewer and fewer of them are well-clothed and well-behaved enough to be shown in public!). Anyway, the image attached is where giving a call to Dad gets even a little more out of hand ...

Trish is feeling a little bad for her husband Howard -- she and Bryan keep calling him, then making out, hornilly oblivious while Howard just drones on and on, ignored (as they tongue-dance and swap spit). She feels that's a little disrespectful to the poor man. Who is, after all, her husband.

Bryan helps her get her mind off that silly thought by telling her they're gonna do the call nekkid this time.

Trish ... doesn't think that ... they ought to be doing ... things like that ... but--

But she's feeling more and more docile these days, and it's so hard to protest against Bryan's insistences -- so much easier to just ... submit.

She does, however, demand he strip too -- she's not gonna be the only one going nekkid here! Bryan agrees to, at least down to his underwear.

Trish, uhm ... she's, well ... a little shocked when she gets what she asked for ...

I've picked a couple more preview images I'll try to post in the next couple weeks. Since it's the start of the year-end holidays, this one is the most risque -- Merry Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa. I think I have Trish's older sister Selena pretty much decided now, and I'll show you a picture of her shortly; and I have another image of Bryan and Trish getting carried away while "calling Dad" that's a little tamer than this one, but still fun.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Fugue

Trish's Older Sister Selena

Sat 31 Dec 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! (Or almost, at least -- Happy New Year Eve!) I hope this next year brings all of us wonderful things!

Images of Trish's older sister Selena are attached. (If you're reading this from the Patreon post, see the link below for the other image.) Trish calls in her older sister, Selena, for help in resisting these strange, powerful new sexual forces that are buffeting her about, toward sluttier and more docile behavior, especially for Dr. Diggler and for her own son Bryan.

Selena comes in to save the day. To give her little sister Trish a pep talk so that she can stay on the straight and narrow. To remind her how important her marriage and her husband are. Selena recalls that Trish has sometimes been a little dramatic about things over the years and overreactive. She's probably just having some mid-life crisis. Some cute young hunk has probably caught her eye (author's note: yeah, that would be Bryan), and she's morally waffling a little. And she just needs to be reminded that her libido does not do her thinking for her. That's all.

It's not like this "Dr. Diggler" that Trish is all worked up over actually has any "powers" or anything. Right? Ha! That would be ludicrous!

Selena rides in to the rescue, gives Trish her pep talk, then goes to size up this "diabolical" Dr. Diggler for the petty little boogeyman she thinks he actually is.

She ... REALLY ... never expected to-- well-- DO the things she did after that. To-- well-- with her OWN NEPHEW, no less-- it-- it just--

It just BOGGLES the MIND!

The first image is from one of the completed sequences for version 0.8. The second is a "casting" image, where I experiment, to get the clothing right, and the hair right, and the expressions right, etc. So the right half of the image, her sexually stern persona, is still subject to change. I'm almost happy with it, but not quite -- might go with it, or might tweak just a little more.

Next post will have some casting images for Sister Teresa, a nun from the local church, whom Trish also calls in to help her resist this insidious -- but persuasive -- madman, Dr. Diggler.

Live well, Fugue

(View post above at The second image, of Selena's sexually stern persona, is there too.)