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You remember Howard, right? Your husband?

Fri 10 Mar 2017

Preview from upcoming Diabolical Dr. Diggler, ver. 0.7:

(Trish is staying with Bryan while she helps him study for exams, but she tries to give her husband, Howard, a call each night like a good wife; and Bryan usually keeps her company while she does. Tonight, however, Bryan found that spot on her neck -- the one that just makes her melt into a horny little puddle ...)

Howard: «in tiny voice over phone» blah blah blah blah ...
    So what do you think, Trish -- is that a good idea?
    ... Trish? ... Are you there?

Bryan: Trish? Mmmm, Trish? Howard is asking you a question.
    You remember Howard, right? Your husband?

Trish: Oh crap!
    Yes, Howard? What-- What did you just say?

I'm back! (In the words of Colin Clive's Dr. Frankenstein, "It's alive! It's aliiiiive!") I think we'll still be doing 60 hour weeks at my mundane job for the next 6 or 8 weeks or so -- so I won't be back up to "full power" for a bit longer, but there's a big difference between 60 hour weeks and 80 hour weeks!

The Dr. Diggler cast is happy to be back with you as well. Trish has reluctantly admitted that she misses flashing her nekkidness for you guys, and letting you see the shameful things she finds herself doing. And Dr. Diggler testily announced that if I wasn't going to document his execution of his plan for world domination, he just wasn't even going to bother to dominate the damned thing, then. And we all want Dr. Diggler to dominate the world, don't we?

The uncensored version of the image attached is a little risquee -- not X-rated, but it would likely earn a "Sexual Situations" tag -- so I'll send the link to the uncensored version to patrons (all patrons, even pledging just a dollar).

Live well, and it's good to be back doing games and stories,

The Choker

Sat 25 Mar 2017

The Choker

After February's hard work at my mundane job, I am remembering why it is so much fun writing and illustrating the travails of Trish and Bryan at the hands of the evil Dr. Diggler :)

The attached image is part of what I'm working on right now. Trish and Bryan just had a little battle of wills over whether she'd model the choker or not. She lost, and she didn't take it very well. She angrily agreed, but demanded he strip naked just like her ("I'm not going to be the only bare ass in the room, thank you very much!"). Now so far our couple has used clothing as sort of a body condom, to keep things from getting too far out of hand between them -- one of them has always been still clothed, and they can separate to their rooms to relieve the pressure before ... well, before the unspeakable happens. But ... what will they do now ... ?

The sharp-eyed of you may be able to see the little "Peek 01" in the title bar up the left-hand side of the attached image. I'm planning to release a few peeks along the way while I work on Dr. Diggler. You guys were so awesome and supportive last month when my mundane job was kicking my butt, that I am trying to get as much stuff to you all as I can now :) I should have the first peek ready in the next week or two.