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Dr. Diggler Peek 2 updated, and 2 more topics

Fri 9 Jun 2017

Three topics this posting ...

First, the mystery woman attached. You don't know who she is yet, but you will. And a fine butt is ALWAYS a worthwhile thing. If you're reading this on Patreon, you can go to the blog page below to see the full, uncensored tush. We'll find out who she is later ...

Second, Diabolical Dr. Diggler. More pages are up for 5$ and above patrons. Our story to now on this Peek 2: 20 year old Bryan Turner, under the insidious influence of diabolical Dr. Diggler, is having a romantic date with his mother. Through a series of unfortunate (though some might call them ... "fortuitous" ...) incidents, all their clothes are soiled so they're both naked at this point, but bravely continuing the date to the end. They just got done dining on a heavenly pastry filling, and the mother, Trish, has noted that they're getting a little frisky for mother and son, so has just put on the brakes and pulled on the reins and eased off on the throttle. But what dire fortune awaits our stalwart couple next?!

What potential doom will Bryan unload onto their plates?! (heh, heh)

Note that I do leave this release at a minor cliffhanger for two weeks. Will he, or won't he, let this potential atrocity befall poor unsuspecting Trish?!

Will he ... or won't he?!

Third, rather than having rewards for various levels of patrons scattered through the Patreon posts, I've collected them into Creative Works pages. Creative works available for free now are at the link below:

I'll post the link pages for 1$, 5$ and 10$ patrons shortly. I think I have all the "i"s dotted and all the "t"s crossed on those, but let me know if I missed anything or have any bad links that you see. I'll probably update those and post their URLs on Patreon each month.

Live well, Fugue

Bonus Posting

Fri 16 Jun 2017

Hi guys,

The next update for Dr. Diggler peek 2 (2nd Romantic Date) is planned for next weekend, and looks to be on track for just that.

I did, however, while doodling one night, put together a teaser for that story that's been bugging the heck out of me to write it. Take a look:


Paul always had the prettiest mom at school.
See, though, that can sometimes be a problem . . .

In Fugue's tribute to the Russ Martin novels, a teacher and mother finds her world turned upside down. (for online viewing) (to download for offline viewing)


This is the first teaser -- I have a couple more in mind (from a couple different points of view in the same story), that I'll let you guys see when I get them together. After I get a couple teasers done, this is going to be a big work. It'll be about 90% Live! Graphic Novel (with blue buttons, in other words, that move images in and out to tell the story!) and about 10% game. I'm going to try to work on it and Dr. Diggler in parallel. Hope you like it!

Live well, Fugue

You guys are getting 2x and 4x the rewards!

Fri 23 Jun 2017

Cool! I'm going through a very prolific period, and you guys are benefiting!

Okay, two weeks ago, I updated Dr. Diggler Peek 2 (the Second Romantic Date). Last week, I completed teaser 1 for "The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson". Today, I have enough new pages for Dr. Diggler Peek 2 that I consider it a double-update. I'm on track next week to have the first part of "The Enslavement" ready to release. And after that, I figure 3 more updates or so to complete Dr. Diggler Peek 2. And lots more of "The Enslavement".

Okay, today's update ... when we last left off, Bryan had gotten too excited with this disastrous but sexy date, and whacked off in the kitchen. Accidentally ... mugging the salads with semen. Whoops! Trish came in right afterward, eager to move the date along and get it done with, and marched out with the semeny salads. Will Bryan halt her before ... well, before she inadvertently loses her "swallow virginity"?! We find out today. PLUSSSSS ... yet another disaster befalls our stalwart couple. They sort of get STUCK in a situation until they can wriggle their way out of it. Whew! Bryan's tickling fingernails to the rescue!

As Thierry DeBrest said, inspiration makes a huge difference, and it does -- thanks Thierry! And at the moment, I'm quite inspired with these two tales. And you guys share in the benefits of that!

Next week, I'll have more to say about "The Enslavement", but it'll be a little darker than Dr. Diggler. Dr. Diggler is basically a comedy with some sinister elements; The Enslavement is a drama with a few humorous moments.

Hope you enjoy! Fugue

(I'll repost the links to Dr. Diggler Peek 2 for $5+ patrons, but they'll be the same as the previous links. Also, non-blog viewers, I have a second, less censored. version of the attached image, "Terror in the Kitchen!?" at the URL below. As always, all characters are strictly age 18 or over. View post above at

Keeping up the prolific period!

Fri 30 Jun 2017

My little sal'mand'rin hands have been just a blur lately! I have another hundred "pages" ready for you all today, in the "Bastard Made Mom a Sex Slave" saga.

You saw the teaser a couple weeks ago: (for online viewing) (to download for offline viewing)

Today I have the first 100+ "pages" ready at the URL below. A couple notes first.

These are at the beta-test level. There's more polish I need to give the pages, but I'm not halting progress until I'm totally happy with them (otherwise you guys would be waiting months for them). I know I'm going to miss a closing parenthesis for our hero's thoughts somewhere. I'm going to redo a few of the images in today's release because I feel our heroine's change from almost-crying back to conversation is too abrupt. Also, Theresa's first image (tutoring Paul) should show her off cuter. Etc., etc. But I think you guys may get some enjoyment out of what I have, even if I'm going to tinker and fiddle with the pages further later. Just keep in mind that these are not final.

Second, I have this piece planned out more than most plotlines. Stories are like living things, and you have to give them room to breathe -- more on that in another post. But this one -- well, the story and I have discussed the plot in great detail all the way to the end. There will be exactly 5 chapters (and a short prolog before the 5th, final, chapter. I do know how it ends (Occasionally you don't exactly -- you may have all the main points figured out, but have to write it to find out the exact details. Not with this plot, though -- I know exactly how it ends.).

Third, it actually DOES have a plot :) And to care about the characters, we have to learn a little about them first. It does get into full blown sex later (ehr, what did you think sex slaves were for ...?), but these first pages build toward that. You get to see our heroine ashamed and defensively (and protectively) angry, but not quite actual nudity yet.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy: (for online viewing) (to download for offline viewing, 17 MB)

Live well,