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Wider Release Wednesday

Wed 1 Nov 2017

(in game show host voice ...) It's time to play ... Wider Release Wednesday!

For 10$ and higher patrons, I will have the next hundred pages/passages of chapter 2 of The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson for you tomorrow!

For 5$ patrons, I am making the first 200 pages/passages of chapter 2 of The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson available for you now!

For 1$ patrons, you are getting all the rest of chapter 1b of The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson (for a total of around 577 pages/passages)!

And 0$ patrons, I also have a gift for you! The first 200 pages/passages of chapter 1b of The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson is available to you now.

If you're enjoying the series, I do ask that you tip what you can. It does take a lot of crayons and time to make all these illustrations. I'm working on peek 3 of Dr. Diggler now, and the more tips I get, the more time I can justify spending on it and other games and stories.

The links for these will be in the monthly collected links lists that I'll post shortly at shortly.


Meet the Cast (plus, the next release)

Thu 2 Nov 2017

I've doodled a panorama of the cast of The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson (it's larger than it shows above -- click it to see full size). Some of them we've met; some we'll meet later, mostly in chapter 4. Normally you'd learn about these characters in the story, but I can only scribble with crayons so fast, and a couple of you are impatient to know why Brad acts like he does. So ...

Let's start with Brad, 4th from the left, in the checkered shirt. He's our villain. And quite the jerk -- where others would make a point, he'll beat a point to death. It's appropriate he's playing White on the chessboard, as he made the first move in this story, obsessing his sweet, sincere, pretty literature teacher over him. We don't know yet how he did it, but from his amateurish moves, we get the feeling, like Dr. Diggler has commented, that he's making use of something much more powerful than himself to control her.

Then there is Paul, on the other side of the chessboard, playing Black. He came home from university for Christmas to find his stepmom obsessed so hard with Brad that she's just his desperate little sex slave now. Maybe no one ever taught Paul when to cut his losses and run away as fast as he possibly can, but ... he does not. Instead, he puts EVERYTHING on the line to help her.

After seeing how Brad has twisted Theresa into his desperate whore, can you even imagine the horrors he could inflict on Paul? But Paul ... follows some half-formed path he thinks -- prays! -- must lie before him. Even Paul -- to be honest -- expects to fail and be made into an obscene parody of himself. But ... he stumbles forward anyway, trying ...

Brave young man.

Or foolish.

Or both ...

Sitting on Brad's lap, is Theresa. She was THAT teacher -- the one that cared, the one that believed so hard in her students that they ... came to believe in themeselves, the one that ... kindled hope. Now, though, since Thanksgiving, her whole world revolves around Brad, needing him, his attention, his approval. Every waking thought hangs on the young man, and she ... does things she would never have conceived of to ... make him happy with her. Or at least not TOO disappointed or angry with her.

Meanwhile, the two young men are playing chess over her pussy. Winner takes all -- no, really, ownership of everyone involved here.

Despite everything that's happened, Theresa does have one hand ... still holding onto Paul, holding onto her ...

Principal Minsky, 1st from the left, is Theresa's boss. He was quite surprised when the pretty educator pranced around nearly naked in front of him; even MORE surprised when she knelt between his legs and blew him. He was onboard with things after that.

Third from the left, with the glasses, is Jane, Minsky's wife, and also a teacher at the school. She's part French, part Canadian, mostly ... (sigh) bitch. She sneered with disapproval at how Theresa slid down the hill into the mud, so to speak, to became an untouchable, an adult student's personal whore.

Then ... well ...

Jane does everything with gusto, whether it's looking down her nose at inferior morals; or trying to please and excite the new center of her universe ...

Second from the left is Nicole, Brad's stepmother. You see, Brad used to have one of the prettiest moms at school too. Then, three years ago, she just left him and his dad -- just abandoned them -- to take up with a doctor. She just ... dumped Brad and dad at the curbside like so much garbage for others to dispose of. Brad didn't even know where exactly she was living -- one moment she was just gone, without explanation, and not coming back.

Hmm, think that might have had an effect on Brad? I'll tell you this: his mind clawed so much at what?! how?! why?! how could?! that he failed every exam for the rest of that year, and his teacher at the time held him back a grade.

Sometimes, when love abandons a person ... that person tries to MAKE love stay with them. Even if -- actually, especially if -- love doesn't WANT to stay, they MAKE it. How does love like that ... ? Hmm?

None of this makes Brad any less of a bastard prick, of course. It might partially explain how he got to where he is, but love has mistreated everyone. None of us get to mistreat love back. Unless, I guess ... you tap into something as powerful as whatever Brad has ...

Anyway, Nicole cannot apologize enough for the biggest mistake of her entire life -- leaving the most important thing in her world behind three years ago. She ... didn't KNOW he was the most important thing back then, but she is willing to do ANYTHING to make up for it ... please ... just allow her to make up for ...

Brad ... withholds love and approval from her. Out of his ... sense of balance and fairness and artistic symmetry ...

The two drones at the right? That's Brad's dad and Paul's dad. They both work three jobs each to pay for everything. And I did intend them to look hunched, with a zombie-like stagger. Life is hard for drones.

And what of the future?

Will Paul be twisted into a slave for the drones? Into Brad's slaves' slave? Slave-squared? And horribly sexually mistreated?

Or is there ... ANY chance of things working out ... any better than that ... ?

CAN hope return?

To be honest, I ... don't see how ...

And yet, there's Paul, stubbornly trying, fighting for better ...

The next hundred pages/passages are available. I'll post the URLs shortly for 10$ and over patrons.

We're getting near the end of chapter 2. I figure about 2 more releases before we move on to chapter 3.

Oh, one more thing a couple of you asked about -- the mechanism.

Brad cannot directly MAKE Theresa do ANYTHING. But he CAN tell her he'll be REALLY DISAPPOINTED in her if she doesn't do it.

And that ... wears on her. Every moment of every minute after minute after minute ... until she relents. She CAN resist him, but it's like holding her breath -- how long do you think you can hold it, sweetheart? When every trace of thought in her mind builds up to scream at her to breathe, suck in air, give in, cave, do whatever the hell he tells her to ... she will. And she'll just have given herself a headache by resisting.

Might as well just do whatever he tells her to -- she will eventually anyway.

And Theresa learns just that.

I'd thought I'd made that clear enough without being annoyingly obvious, but I may have emphasized it too weakly. I'll need to reread for that when revising, and maybe make it a little more explicit.

Live well, Fugue

A Couple Changes

Wed 28 Nov 2017

Okay guys, Patreon has come out with some new rules and guidelines for its NSFW content. Most of it deals with stuff we've never even considered (Yikes! To quote Jayne from Firefly, "Where's THAT get fun?!"), so doesn't apply to us. There are two things that impact us: 1. no hard-R or beyond; and 2. no incest (which we're already complying with anyway). Now that last I'm going to take as meaning biological-relations (otherwise, a married couple's parents -- his mom, her dad -- might decide to comfort each other and get together, and it could blow the universe apart, like matter and antimatter kissing or something ...).

So ...

I'm going to pull the content that broaches hard-R. This will be the two Dr. Diggler peeks and the Theresa Simpson story. You've already paid for this month, so I'm going to keep it under the same terms that you entered the month with, until the end of the month. The last day of this month, I'm going to remove those works. So if you haven't been through them yet and want to, then do so. They won't be here next month.

For the second part, I've already made a point in each tale of mentioning that any relevant relations are step-relations, and I'll do that more frequently, I guess. Just like I remind you several times in each story that everyone is 18 or older, I'll make a point of using the word "step" more often. That should make the plotlines innocuous enough that Patreon has nothing to fuss about. To be honest, I really don't care if you mentally ignore the word "step" every time I use it (actually, I understand that even blood relations -- as long as both are consenting adults -- are entirely legal in New Jersey; and we all live in the same physical reality as New Jersey; most of the time, anyway). I think the main point of Patreon's rule is to keep a parent from pressuring a non-adult child into relations. We certainly agree with that and wholeheartedly support such a rule.

Between you guys and me, my first reaction was a bit of discouragement. I mean, Theresa Simpson is the story that my muse is reciting to me right now. Remove it?! Awww mannnn ... That hurts!

As I made the attached image, I figured it was my retirement image. I'd tell you guys I was retiring at the end of the year, and I'd have a month and a half to wrap things up gracefully.

The problem with that is: I'm a writer. Even in retirement, I write. I'd build up this treasure trove of stories, many of them even polished to the point of being releasable ... and the only person able to enjoy them would be ... me. Not every one would be a gem, of course, but I've written enough that I can sometimes turn out a halfway decent story. Roll your eyes if you have to while I say this, but ... that's not really fair to the stories, to just be seen by one.

So no retirement -- not right now, anyway. I'll take the blow to the gut that removing Theresa Simpson is. And before I think about that too hard, I'll throw my energy into Peek 3 of Dr. Diggler. You guys will enjoy that one, and Peek 4 as well.

And you guys can vote with your hard-earned cash. I may still retire if too many patrons get upset with the changes and leave. Actually, though, I halfway expect many of you will be happier with me focusing more on Dr. Diggler and other games. People either loved or hated Theresa Simpson. Chapter 3 would have been less stressed and more enjoyable; and chapter 5 would have blown you away ...

Perhaps another day, another format, I'll pick that tale back up again.

Live well,

P.S. Actually, for those fans of Theresa Simpson, I won't leave you hanging on the mystery forever. I'm going to take a break from it while I work on Peek 3 and recover from this discouraging development, but I'll answer the what and how and why of what Brad did to our heroine after that.

Working Game Plotline from Small to Big than Vice Versa

Thu 16 Nov 2017

This may or may not make much sense unless you've tried to compose your own games. Anyway, for the last version of Dr. Diggler, I put together the big daily loops (wake up, AM actions, PM actions, go to bed) and then tried to fit little plotlines inside the actions there inside the big loops.

For this peek 3 (which will be more game than graphic novel, unlike the last two peeks), I'm working out the plotlines first like mini Create Your Own Adventure (CYOA) stories, and then rigging the big daily loops around the smaller CYOAs.

FWIW, things are going smoother this way. Maybe I'm just more experienced at assembling game plotlines, or maybe it's a better approach to do the small parts and then rig them into the bigger parts afterward, but it's smoother rigging this time.

Go figure ...