Blog, Jan 2018

Patron version and plot maps

Wed 3 Jan 2018

I'll be releasing a special "cheat" version of this last release of Dr Diggler for full (10$ or more) patrons in a few minutes. This cheat version will let you use use some plot maps to navigate through the different plot paths.

Most of chapter 3 will be like this release -- event A might happen on plot path 1 but not 2; but event B might happen on path 2 but not 1 -- so that you may want to play a couple times, taking different plot paths. The cheats and maps will help you see if you've visited them all, and where to find them if you missed one.

Live well,

Continuing Dr Diggler

Fri 26 Jan 2018

Yeah, this chapter 3 of Dr Diggler is a chance for us to get up and stretch our legs before continuing the main story. Chapters 1 and 2 (which are levels 1 and 2 in the ver 0.6 release -- I still need to update my projects page to make that clear, if I can just find some time) introduced us to Dr Diggler and to our heroes, Bryan and Trish. Rather than doing a death-march to the end of the story, chapter 3 lets us meet a few other masters of persuasion in the Fugue universe -- some of Dr Diggler's peers, if you will (or peer wanna-be's, anyway, since Dr Diggler has no equals -- just ask him, and he'll tell you that himself). After this installment, we'll continue with the double date, with Trish calling in her older and younger sisters for moral support (though they succumb to becoming Bryan's sexual conquests ...), and then forward with our heroes succumbing to each other and defeating-or-not the diabolical doctor ...

One of the things this little digression does is let me introduce you just a little to Lisa, Bryan's ex-true-love, before she shows up in the double-date plotline. The folks that have read the plaintext story already know a little about her, but she's a little bit of a complicated character. Dr Diggler sets his sights on her to make her a pawn, and she both willingly and regretfully becomes his sexual slave.

Chapter 3 also lets me bring Heavy Petting fans a few more developments in that universe. Some of that town's folks are in one of the subplots here -- AND we find out who is behind the mysterious boob-petting entrancements that plague that world.

We'll also lightly dip into another storyline in another of Chapter 3's subadventures. Our heroes stop at a Chinese restaurant for lunch between symposium sessions one day -- which, of course, is no ordinary Chinese restaurant. This one also serves as a way-station to bring relief to poor victims suffering eternally in the Hell of Horny Women. These souls were bitter prudes in life, sneering and bullying others that expressed sex naturally, so now in hell these prudes have the reward of being eternally, unbearably, and unrelentingly horny. The restaurant has a select clientele among the living: men bring beautiful but adamantly prude ladies to the restaurant and order "the special." The hostess brings a special decanter containing the soul of one of these victims in the Hell of Horny Women (special spells bring her to this side for a few hours). The tortured soul possesses the adamant prude, sluttery ensues, and everyone wins. The men have sex with beautiful and desperately horny ladies. The tortured soul gets a few hours of reprieve from an unbearable tortuous hell. The beautiful prude gets a cautionary taste of what is to come for her in the afterlife if she does not change her ways. And the hostess gets paid for making everything better for everyone :) (I have some 50,000 words written in a related plaintext story that I may share if folks like that plotline.)

The attached images? The oriental lady will tentatively be the Hostess in the Hell of Horny Women subplot. The pale lady is a doodle (an auditioning actress, so to speak?) without a character yet. I'll use her somewhere as someone, just not sure whom yet.