Blog, Feb 2018

Hey, I saw her at the MC Symposium!

Thu 15 Feb 2018

Hi guys,

This is the time of year that my mundane job tends to get busy. I thought I had it all planned out for this year -- I worked really hard on Theresa Simpson, and expected to get a few updates ahead, and be able to share those now, when I'm short on time. As you already know, though, Patreon changed its guidelines, and just too many images would have to be revised to release more of Theresa Simpson right now.

What I DO have for you instead, is the first part of an unfinished tale:

The Whores' Whisperer

George Murray brings in an expensive consultant, Burt Maga, a "whores' whisperer," to help him get between his cute secretary's thighs.

Sammy is George's 19 year old college-age son, and Sammy inadvertently saves Burt's life. In gratitude, Burt -- a whores' whisperer, remember -- offers to break and tame several bitches for Sammy's stable for him.

Hell, Sammy didn't even know he HAD a stable!

Now he's got horny women cumming out his ears ...

The story idea is an old one from a friend, and is used with full permission. It's linear (so, more graphic novel than game), but is 116 or so passages, so it's long enough to be worthwhile.

Sigh, and chuckle. I'm going to get bitched at by several of you for releasing this ... (duhm! duhm! duhm!) ... unfinished. On the one hand, sorry guys, that's just how these things work. If I plant 100 story-trees in my life, only, say, 20 of them might be fully grown and matured by the time I die. The other 80 will be in various stages of growth. That doesn't make them bad -- just still open to grow some more. And other supporters would rightfully bitch at me if I kept a hoard of nearly-finished stories, refusing to release them until they were just perfectly right.

On the other hand, I'm not going to divert my energies on taking this story further right now. It's a reward and thank you to patrons while I'm short on time to work on my main projects. Right now it's for full (10$ or more) supporters. In a month I'll drop it down for 5$ supporters; in two months, I'll drop it down for 1$ supporters; I probably won't take this one all the way to free for everyone.

And yes, the sharp-eyed of you will notice that you did see the hero and his stepmother at the MC Symposium in the last Diggler update, where she got nekkid, and his possessed hands couldn't resist caressing her until she passed out with pleasure ... (Sammy: darned hands! You shouldn't DO that to MOM! Don't blow all her sexual fuses with breathtaking excitement again! Hands, I'm warning you ... stop PLEASURING her! You're going to make her SILLY HORNY! And then she's going to 'gasm out on us again!)

My two main projects for this year are Dr Diggler and another game that I started tinkering with a year ago, called Control Group. Expect more Diggler when I get enough time to work on projects (probably March), and Control Group later this year.

Live well,

Dad's secretary: Uhm, I have no idea WHY I'm in my panties here, sir ...

Sammy saves Burt from Dad's secretary's angry husband.
Angry husband: Grrrkh!

Sammy: I can't believe my life right now!
   I saved this strange guy's life, and now I have
   every woman I ever wanted!
French professor: Oh la la, Monsieur Murray
Hot cheerleader: «giggle»

Hot cheerleader's hotter mom: What does he see in those two sluts?!
Older sister's best friend: That he doesn't see in us?!
Hot cheerleader's hotter mom: Hmmph! I'd show him SOOO much better!

(Step)mom: My son--
Older (step)sister: My brother--
Both: --is just acting like a rude horndog!
Big Sis: What a pig!
   What?! Sammy! Sammy?! What are you DOING to my best friend?!
   Stop it, you two! Stop TOUCHING her there!

Burt: «chuckling wholeheartedly»