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That Commander Awesome sure has a way with audiences ...

Wed 13 Jun 2018

That symposium speaker Awesome P. sure has a way of enthralling audiences. The two ladies attached are just fascinated with his presentation ...

I'm getting close to a release -- close enough that I'm telling new ideas that they're going to have to wait until the next release.

(One idea did convince me to let it in to this release -- the one in the image attached, as a matter of fact, where the flat-chested girl and the flat-chested female professor and our hero Bryan all sit through Awesome's symposium session together. (And yeah, I know -- if you see the third image, the Boobie Fairy visited both ladies for the day! How about that?) This idea let me plant several seeds in the plot that I can harvest in releases to come.)

I'm down to: a couple more daytime sequences with Trish; testing the Easter egg for bugs; and getting the plotmaps ready for release to full patrons. Maybe (MAYBE!) two weeks of work or so.

There are a lot more 'moving parts,' so to speak, with this release than with the last, especially in the easter egg -- so a lot more places for little bugs to creep in. I'm hunting and fixing them at a pretty rapid pace, but I'm sure a couple will manage to get through. So when I release it, it will be at the beta-test level for a week or two, and I'll turn around prompt fixes for any bugs that sneak through.

On a different note, I'll also have the final installment for the loyalty rewards ready by or before the end of the month.

Live well,

(Hey, and congratulate David Lo Pan IV, the character in the 2nd image with Trish -- I think GoThunder57 has news that he 'won' at the International MC competition in Brussels!)

Dr Diggler chapter 3 new release available!

Wed 27 Jun 2018

The next release of Dr Digger chapter 3 is now available!

Pick your path through members of the audience in Commander Awesome's fascinating presentation. Visit sexy schoolteachers from years ago! See whole new sides of Bryan's best friend's mother and sister! Find Bryan's friend's honorary sister doing things you never expected she might do! Find a grouchy female professor much more endearing! And is that our heroine Patricia, showing her good parts to David?! And to Bryan?! And much more!

See Patricia underperform as a role model for the university's female brainiac student! Watch Patricia tempted to kiss another female! Watch her get kissed by yet another female! Watch angry sparks fly between her and Lisa, Bryan's naked ex-true love! And much more!

And the Easter egg this time is the first part of a whole mini-subgame! Rapidly paced, you take on the role of Dr Diggler, seducing your way toward Lisa as your ultimate goal.

Whew! A whole lotta exclamation points in those paragraphs above! It's a big release, over 1000 passages, and 3 times the size now of the previous release.

If you find any bugs, email or message me, and I'll try to turn them around quickly. The SAVE/LOAD pages should work seamlessly with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. (but NOT with Internet Explorer -- sorry IE still doesn't want to play nice like all the other browsers, though I'm still watching for a good fix I can use to get it to behave).

I'm going to post a general overview map for all patrons, that will help you see broadly where the new parts are and how to get to them. Full patrons (10$ and above), will get a set of plot maps to navigate around in the game to make sure you don't miss any nooks or crannies (or secret passphrases!).

You must be legally adult to play. The general links are below (special patron links will follow in patron posts):

    To play online:
    To download for offline play:

Whew! I oughtta rest for two weeks. However, I WILL put the final installment for the loyalty reward for loyal patrons up tomorrow.


Final installment of Loyalty Rewards

Thu 28 Jun 2018

For patrons that met the loyalty criteria a couple months ago, check the URL you received. I uploaded the final installment of your loyalty bonus -- nearly 500 more passages as a huge THANK YOU!