Blog, Jul 2018

Updated website, and cumulative creative works

Wed 11 Jul 2018

Spring cleaning on these web pages ran late, but is completed now. All the updates I've been meaning to add in are in place, and all i's should be dotted. I left a few images that I knew were pointed to still in place, but double-check if you have any interior pages bookmarked — you may need to update.

It's been a couple months since I made cumulative lists of links for everyone, and I have those done too. For links that are free to everyone, click the “List of Links” at the top right of this webpage. For more complete lists for 1$, 5$, 10$ and 20$ and above patrons, I'll be posting URLs of Lists of Links just for you at Patreon shortly. They'll help keep you from missing any goodies you are entitled to! (Needless to say, I'll probably post new lists with new URLs each month or so, that will supercede the links from the previous month.)

Ah, and the pretty lady above? That's a test sketch of Jeanine Hammersmith, a 40 year old (step)mother of two, that, well ... gets sponsored for some extracurricular training by her husband's boss. Heh, she didn't even know she'd been trained until she started performing tricks. Her (step)son Bobby, possibly our hero, finds several folks have been similarly trained in a truly sinister conspiracy ...

I say “possibly” our hero, since I want to focus mainly on two projects this year — Dr Diggler and another project. Both “Control Group” (mentioned elsewhere) and “Aftermarket” (mentioned above) are auditioning to be that second project. I'll keep you all apprised of which game gets the role.

Live well,

Working on Next Part of Dr Diggler chapter 3

Wed 25 Jul 2018

The redhead on the left above is Kylie Buccio, hottest cheerleader at the university and leading actress in many a male fantasy there. The exuberant lady on the right is Deborah Bernstein, MILF best friend of one of our heroes' mothers (and she's found herself cast in a few fantasies herself ...).

The blonde below is Kylie's mother, Grace Buccio, and Bryan gets to know her a little better in the new pages. Actually, a lot better. If he plays his choices right, Grace gets possessed by a spirit from the Chinese Hell of Horny Women, a forlorn place where women that scorned sex in life must suffer poetically for all of eternity for their sins ...

Grace, trapped in her own body with Chang-Ying, might even get a few kinks seared into her mind if the Chinese spirit focuses on them too hard.

Grace also reveals that she has a Kylee-like wig she sometimes wears for sex games. It's enough to make Mr Buccio, Kylee's stepdad, to make him, uhm ... “score a touchdown” in those sex games in less than 90 seconds.

As you can tell, I've been working on the next part of Dr Diggler chapter 3. The next release is in sight already, actually -- perhaps within the next 4 weeks, as long as I don't get too crazy adding in more and more side-adventures.

The web pages are all updated, and all patrons have cumulative lists of links to goodies, so make sure you check out everything available.

And I'll keep you all posted on the progress of the next release!

Live well,