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Errand spoilers, and one more hotfix

Mon 3 Oct 2016

I was messaging with a patron (thank you, Samwise!) and getting ready to tell him one of the errands should randomly come up, when I came across a typo that prevents said random sequence from kicking off. This is fixed in the online game now (the version for 5$ patrons and above; I'll make it freely available to everyone around Nov 1), and also in the downloadable version for offline play. If you previously downloaded the offline version and don't feel like re-downloading 100 MB, there's a set of steps below that you can use to download just the cumulative hotfix (150 KB) and apply it to your downloaded version -- see steps below.


I figured I would give the full list of errands, as spoilers, in case anyone is getting a "2 more path(s) to discover" on the Index page and can't figure out what you're missing.


Intro: Intro -- Intro, Night of Diddling -- Intro, Breakfast of Shame

Main Daily Menus: Main menu, morning -- Main menu, evening

Call Dad: Call Dad, Reluctantly Okay

Chat: Chat, Bryan's Love Life -- Chat, Trish's Love Life

Diggler's Office: Diggler's Office, Diggler -- Diggler's Office, Alice -- Diggler's Office, Lisbeth -- Diggler's Office, Michelle

Make Out: Make Out, Power Outage -- Make Out, Simple -- Make Out, No Tongue -- Make Out, Tongue

B&W Shoppe: Shoppe, greetings -- Shoppe, Alice -- Shoppe, Michelle -- Shoppe, Alice 2

Study: Study, Plain -- Study, Sit in Lap -- Study, Lip Gloss

Tutor: Tutor, Simple

Visit Trish's First Session with Diggler

LEVEL 2 Intro: Intro, Date -- Intro, Trish Told to be Submissive -- Intro, Bryan Told to be Assertive

Main Daily Menus: Main menu, morning -- Main menu, evening

Call Dad: Impatient Howard -- Simple

Chat: Chat, Houseclothes -- Chat, Refsue on Bra and Panties -- Chat, Relent on Bra and Panties -- Chat, Refuse on Topless -- Chat, Relent on Topless

Date: First “Date” Date

Dr. Diggler's Office: Diggler's Office, Diggler -- Prof. Digby Judges Michelle -- Prof. Digby Judges Alice -- Prof. Digby Confronts Dr. Diggler -- Schoolgirl Digby -- Dawn Card, Part 1 -- Dawn Card, Part 2

Model: Model Skimpy Bikini -- Model Diggler's Skimpy Bikini -- Model Naughty Teddy -- Bidirectional Camera Seduction -- Model Hose and Gloves -- Easter Egg 2a -- Easter Egg 2b

B&W Shoppe: Shoppe, Prof. Digby -- Shoppe, Dawn Card, Part 1 -- Shoppe, Dawn Card, Part 2

Study: Study, Simple -- Study, Wet T-Shirt -- Study, Topless -- Study, Yoga Pants

Tutor: Tutor, Mrs. Campbell -- Tutor, Goth Dawn -- Tutor, Dawn's Reveal -- Tutor, Pink Dawn


Two Posts in One Day?

Mon 3 Oct 2016

Several folks have been asking about the easter eggs. So ...


I wanted to separate these from the post before, so that if anyone is bothered by spoilers, they wouldn't accidentally stumble onto these. (Of course, you guys know my own opinion on spoilers (grin) -- bring 'em on!).

Okay, the easter egg in level 1 occurs early in the story. Patricia comes to visit Bryan, then runs off so that she can catch Dr. Diggler before he leaves his office. While Bryan is sitting in his chair, waiting for her to get back, he's watching the TV down in the lower right corner. Click on the TV. You can see part of what's going on between Dr. Diggler and Patricia while she's there, before she comes home, horny out of her little mind.

The easter egg in level 2 has two halves. Get the first half, and the second half will automatically play for you a few pages later.

First you need to get Trish okay with modeling the bikini, and then the teddy for you. Finally, when you get her to model the host and gloves for you, she realizes you've been using the camera flash to sway her on things, and she gets angry, and snatches the camera from you. While all this is going on, watch the clock on the wall between Trish and Bryan. Normally, it's the same time as the previous page, or it's moved 5 minutes further ahead. When it jumps 25 minutes ahead, you've found the key to the easter egg. Click the clock. You'll get to see where those mysterious lost 25 minutes went to.

Afterward, Trish goes ahead and models the hose and gloves for you (yeah, hose and gloves? that's like naked only slightly even better, like the little cartoon Playboy bunny on the jokes page -- before they went non-nude, of course).

After that, the second half of the easter eggs cuts in, and you get to see a slutty head of Student Services from the university blowing the evil Dr. Diggler. Then he prepares some of his special "cream" for Trish's hot cocoa, which she ... slurps up enthusiastically ...


News on the Dr. Diggler Front

Sun 23 Oct 2016

It's been two weeks or so since my last post. I was trying to respond quickly to any bugs found in the Dr. Diggler 0.6 release, and that'll show up over on the Patreon discussions, but not on my blog. And my mundane job also picked the first couple weeks of October to slam me with extra work, so I've been busy up to my ears with that too.

When things get over-busy like this, I remember an old bar-buddy's advice, "Approach such times as though you were giving birth: focus ... breathe ... relax ... scream as necessary."

Good advice.

I'll probably be averaging blog updates every 2 or 3 weeks for the next couple months, rather than the couple times a week I tried earlier in the year. At least until things slow down a little.

I had promised to turn around and release this last version, Dr. Diggler ver. 0.6, for free to everyone around Nov 1, and I'll still be doing that -- that'll be two weeks and a couple days from now.

Dr. Diggler has gotten big enough that I'm working on a spoiler walkthrough that should take you through all the good parts if you'd like. As we talked about in one of the Patreon discussion threads, it is possible, if you progress too far in one part (say, tutoring Dawn and visiting the B&W Shoppe a lot), that you may miss the opportunity for minor scenes in other parts (Dawn refusing to let you watch her and Diggler do adult things when you visit his office). They're not big scenes (I'd rework the logic to make them mandatory if they were), but if you want to check them all off as visited, the walkthrough should help.

I'm thinking I'll release the walkthrough for 1$ patrons and above in the next month or so. That way I'll have a nice "thank you!" even for my 1$ patrons; and the walkthrough is a spoiler/cheatlist, so you definitely don't have to have it to play the game.

I've started work on the next release already. Sorry, but at this point, the target date is still vague ("ehh, a couple months from now"). I'll make it less vague as I get more work done and firm up what I want to fit into the next release. Right now one thing I'm debating is whether to include a subplot with Trish's sisters in level 4. If I do, she'll call in her younger and older sister to help give her strength to keep from succumbing to these strange, powerful sexual forces. Both sisters come to help her resist the powerful impulses. The older sister, a hippie-like character, finds herself becoming more and more dominatrix-like; the younger sister, a prim and proper business woman, finds herself more and more open to free love. Bryan shags both of them, and they unhelpfully admit to Trish that her son is simply ... yummy and irresistible. This does not bode well for Trish resisting these sexual urges herself ... not well at all ...

If I don't include those subplots, I'll finish the game quicker, and probably come back later with an expanded edition that includes the aunts. Either way affects level 3 (that I'll be working on for release 0.8), because I need to start setting up the aunts and the call for help -- or not.

The last bit of news, I've had a couple requests to translate Dr. Diggler into German and into Russian. I had started looking into it, that I might be able to do a VERY ROUGH translation into German and then see if any of you might be able to help polish that for me. However, by very fortunate coincidence (Jung would call it "synchronicity" ...), a gentleman emailed me the other day that he enjoyed the game enough that he had started translating parts into German. I thanked him (and the universe!) profusely! And we're coordinating that now. If anyone is fluent enough in English and Russian and would be interested in helping with a translation (in exchange for recognition in the credits as a translator, and my huge gratitude), please let me know.

The image attached is from the status page, for the highest level of Trish's submissiveness. The poor woman has gotten to the point that she's offering her leash up to you ...

If you're viewing this on the Patreon post, Bryan's big-ass head is in the way of all her good parts. I've managed to push his head out of he way of her breasts, if you visit the blogsite at