Blog, Nov 2016

Dr. Diggler Released for Free

Tue 1 Nov 2016

As promised, the new version of Dr. Diggler, ver. 0.6, is now released free for everyone -- I hope you all enjoy it!

But wait: Diggler released for free?! But doesn't he take payment in souls? Or at least in female nudity and submission? Well, yeah, okay, there's plenty of that -- witness Trish surrendering her leash to you last posting ...

A couple outstanding guys are helping out with translating, and if everything works out, we may have a German version, a Russian version, and perhaps even a Dutch version of Dr. Diggler available too!

I've started work on ver. 0.8 and will keep you posted. I just finished the "test plan" for Dr. Diggler this morning (it's gotten big enough that I need to make sure I don't break things while I'm messing around in there), and will reference that while I finished up the walkthrough for ver. 0.6 (spoilers that should help you visit all the interesting passages, and will be available in a couple weeks to 1$ or more patrons).

Attached is Trish really, really enjoying Dr. Diggler's special "whipped cream" in her hot cocoa (the scene is in this version, ver. 0.6, when you find the second Easter egg). As usual, Bryan put his fat head in the way of the good parts, though I locked him in his room for the uncensored version at my blog page

Been feeling ill, but getting better now ...

Thu 24 Nov 2016

Hey, sorry for going off the grid for the last week, everyone. But I have had the worst stomach bug I've ever had in my life -- didn't even have the oomph to fire up the computer for several days there. For me, that's really saying something! Spent way too much time "talking to Ralph on the big white telephone" ...

Recovering now.

I'm afraid I got nothing at all done on the Dr. Diggler walkthrough for the last week and a half -- or anything art- or game-related for that matter.

However, I also did not die from dehydration despite the vomiting, etc. That doesn't seem like it should be a major accomplishment, but in fact it was ...

I'm going to make a push and see what I can get done on the walkthrough this weekend -- in addition to replying to emails -- and see if I can't have something for you all soon.

Live well,

Walkthrough for Diabolical Dr. Diggler, ver. 0.6

Wed 30 Nov 2016

I have been working my butt off for you guys the last week or so :) , trying to make up for the time lost to the stomach flu. And I have results! I have the walkthrough completed for this most recent version of Dr. Diggler.

This is a little bit of an experiment, and it's intended to be sort of the "ultimate spoiler guide" for Dr. Diggler. It's more detailed than previous spoilers/hints that I've published. It's actually around 10,000 words and walks you through visiting all the major sequences available in the game (there might be a few minor bits that you don't go through, like where another character tells you No! until you complete some prerequisite first, but it covers all the non-trivial sequences).

I'm also thinking this can be a good way to help you all know the details of what's added with new versions (in more detail than just a What's Changed list). If I update the walkthrough for the next version, and mark the new stuff with, say, green text, then you'll have a detailed list of the new sequences and how to get to them (instead of just new entries on the Index page like previously). That's the theory -- hopefully it will work out as well as I think it might.

These spoilers are not needed to play the game, they just help you make sure you got to see all the sequences available. So for the time being, I'm going to make it a Thank You! to all patrons, even those pledging just 1$. (This will help me to have a reward for my 1$ patrons, who haven't had a worthy Thank You! yet). I'll make the ver. 0.6 walkthrough (this one) freely available to everyone when I release the ver. 0.8 game (and by that point there will be a new walkthrough available for the new game version, so the free walkthrough will be one version behind). I think that will be fair to everyone and still allow me to thank my fantasic supporters.

Now back to the next version of Dr. Diggler! I am having fun with these sequences I'm working on now! Trish calls in her older sister to help her resist; she calls in her younger sister too; she even calls in Sister Teresa from the local church to see if she can help her resist Dr. Diggler's pure evil. Trish and Bryan go on another date (just as much of a sexy fiasco as their first romantic date). They also go on a double date with Dr. Diggler and Bryan's ex-true-love (now Diggler's desperate whore), and they play some "Never Have I Ever", where they learn a few things about each other. Bryan formulates more game cards after he figures out the inner workings of Alice's mind, of flat-chested Prof. Gatsby's (whoa, that one gets a little away from him!), of Mrs. Campbell's mind, and more. And then we move on to level 3, where Bryan and Trish both get new goals from Dr. Diggler; and the prizes get bigger and naughtier!